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Planning and Buying Better Media for your Business

Planning the right media and buying this media in the best position, and at the best rates, plays a vital role in the marketing and advertising of your business. Media planning involves the strategic selection of channels and platforms to reach your target audience, while media buying involves the negotiation and purchase of advertising space.

To help you get a greater return on your media spend, through getting better results such as reaching more customers, generating new customer leads and converting these to sales, here are some valuable insights and tips.

Define your target audience

By understanding their gender, age, location, and behaviour by accessing data analytics and market research (i.e., customer purchase data, databases, social media posts, competitor activity) which will help you better understand the media your target audience consumes (i.e., what they watch, listen to, read, see, browse, search for).

Set clear objectives

By determining what are your campaign goals, whether its brand awareness, lead generation, or sales, and based on your budget what will the success of your campaign look like (i.e., actual number of leads, number of leads that need to be converted, sales value required).

Select the right media channels

Such as TV, radio, print, signage, digital and social media, based on your target audience’s media consumption, your budget and what media will give you the best return, based on your campaign objectives.

Create a media plan

Outlining the allocation of your budget across selected channels, determining the timing and frequency of your ads to ensure consistent exposure.

Develop creative content, messages and ad placements that best resonates with your target audience

(i.e., why will your product or service be of interest to your target audience? what are these customers pain points, and why will your product or service best address them? does your product or service have a competitive advantage? have you got an attractive offer to promote trial of your product or service? do you have a strong call to action to generate a response to your ads, such as visiting your website or calling/visiting your business).

Negotiate with media channels and outlets for better rates and better placement.

Negotiate rates, added value, and placement or position to not just get the most out of your budget, but give your ads the best opportunity to reach and engage with your target audience.

Cross channel integration

If your budget permits, to have your campaign working across multiple media channels to ensure consistent brand messaging and maximum reach. A combination of traditional media (i.e., print, signage, radio, TV) with digital and social media can reach your target audiences at more points, times or places where they consume different media.

Measure the performance of your campaign

Through tracking click-through rates to your website, or calls received, targeted audience reached, leads generated and conversion rates. Analyse campaign data and if needed make real time adjustments, such as updating ad creative, copy, messaging and focusing more on media channels that are deliver better results.

Better media planning and media buying are vital for your business to stand out in a competitive marketplace. Focusing on your target audience, setting clear objectives, leveraging data and analytics will help you create campaigns that reach and engage with your target audiences. Buying better media, through securing the best rates and best placement, plus value added activities, will help your campaigns better meet your objectives and give a greater return on your investment. Continuous measurement, optimisation and real-time adaptability will help you stay ahead and achieve better results in a dynamic media planning and buying landscape.

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