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Make it personal

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Make it personal

Tell your story, describe your journey, your challenges, the origins of your product or services to give people greater opportunity to know, care and support your business.

Telling the story of your brand or why you do what you do (what motivates and inspires you, how you are different from your competition and how you benefit those you work with) and for who (who are the people most likely to benefit from what you do and are best placed to support you) can help you better connect with more people who need what you’ve got.

Being open, honest, authentic and genuine with people will help them better understand you, like you, engage with you and support you.

In these challenging and uncertain times, and at any time really, it helps to show empathy and offer ways of support that would make it easier for people to work with you.

Telling your story can be done through written content on your:

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Developing your own blog or
  • Keeping people up to date with what you’re doing through eNewsletters

Meeting with people through target networks or inviting them into your business helps you develop your story, your confidence and the network of people who can share your story.

Imagery and video is a great way to engage personally with your audience, through putting them in the picture or welcoming them into your story.

We work with Pippa Colman & Associates Law Practice, the Sunshine Coast’s largest family law firm.

‘Working Together’ is how Pippa Colman & Associates Law Practice  support their clients benefit through their expert and experienced team.

Their story is personalised by highlighting who they are, the people in their business, their longevity, how they are different from their competition and testimonials from clients who have benefited from their services.


Testimonials and reviews are a great way to allow others to tell your story, and serve as a powerful ‘word of mouth’ endorsement of your business.

Free Information Seminars are conducted monthly, reaching out to people who may be in need of their services and giving them knowledge to improve their situation.

Importantly, the personal ‘Working Together’ messaging is consistently presented across their website, social media, newsletter and all communication.

Consistency is key to promote your brand to better engage with people through ensuring they understand and trust who you are.

So, what’s your story?

Contact our specialist team today on (07) 5458 5600 to discuss how we can help tell your brand story: let’s get down tbusiness!

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