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How to market the new normal

From where and how we work, to how our kids are educated, to when, where and how we travel, to how we shop, eat, entertain and spend our time, to how we care for others around us and so much more, our lives have experienced a massive disruption.

Whilst uncertainty remains, a way forward is becoming clearer, allowing us to realign ourselves.

People are spending their time and money differently. From renovating homes and gardens, drive holidays and getaways, personal fitness and wellbeing, home cooked meals to shopping for non-essential items more and more online, people are focussing on what is important.

What is important in your business to better appeal to these people’s changing needs?

Here’s a list of things to consider that we’ll go into more detail in future blogs.

Make it personal

Tell your story, describe your journey, your challenges, the origins of your product or services to give people greater opportunity to know, care and support your business.

Create the need

To give people stronger reasons to buy from you. Reasons that benefit them. Experiences they will invest time and money to enjoy and cannot easily get from somewhere else.

Get your message right

Determine who your customers are, where they come from, and develop your key messages or best reasons that would appeal to and benefit them.
vine website

A website that works

Quickly tell people who you are, how you will benefit them and where they can get it on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices with the ability to buy or book directly. Your website is #1 salesperson, working 24/7 365 days with no holidays or sickies.
rockhampton social media

Start the conversation

Use social media to reach and engage with more people through your personal stories, the benefits you offer, images and video to put people in the picture. Email or database marketing is a strong way of talking directly to people who know you. Point the conversation to your website – your #1 salesperson!

Pay to accelerate things

Facebook, Google and other pay-per-click ads can work to boost your business providing you give people good reason to connect or click through to your business or website. Radio, television, signage, magazines and press media can also reach a wider audience for you in a short timeframe. Events are a good way to invite people to experience what you offer and for you to engage with them face to face.

What does success look like

The marketing activities you chose to undertake need to have set goals and objectives to achieve from the outset. Be realistic. Measure what will be a good return on your investment and keep track of it. If the return is right, repeat. If not, review and realign.

How we can help

If you need your marketing realigned to meet the new normal, we would love the opportunity to meet with you. Call us today on 07 5458 5600 to arrange a free, no obligation appointment or email us from our contact page


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