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Innovation during Covid-19

Innovation during COVID

While there is no denying that the Covid-19 Crisis has caused widespread devastation and closure to many businesses, we have also seen some fantastic examples of innovative solutions employed to continue trade and retain brand awareness of products and services from across the globe.

We’ve put together a selection of our favourite ideas!

  1. Here on our beloved Sunshine Coast we saw the launch of a Facebook page to support local restaurant businesses – Restaurant Food Delivery + Takeaway – Sunshine Coast allows followers to share news of which eateries and cafes are still open for business and able to offer takeaway and home delivery in the local area. At the date of this article they had over 16,000 followers actively posting their support and saving livelihoods one cup of coffee and meal at a time!
  2. In response to the closure of their relaxation and recovery centres, The Float Space Maroochydore and Westend have taken their products and services online offering yummy herbal teas, essential oils and mood sprays and Epsom salts as well as distant Reiki healing so that their clients can still feel pampered and well at home!
  3. Little kids and those that are big kids at heart may have been disappointed to hear that the Ekka (Brisbane Royal Exhibition Show) is now cancelled for 2020. Some good news has emerged however, with Woolworths partnering with Bensons Showbags to offer a selection of 12 themed bags so that nobody (especially the sweet tooths among us) has to miss out!
  4. Further afield, Scandinavian Airlines have thought outside the box with supporting their laid off workers to undertake free short courses in basic medical training to ensure the 10,000 recently grounded airline crew can offer their services to assist frontline medical professionals. Training includes preparing the workers to provide basic information to patients and their families, sterilising beds and equipment and administrative duties as the number of Covid-19 cases grows greater every day.
  5. With zoos closed across the globe, many have opted to offer virtual tours so that young and old can view a variety of their favourite feathered, furry and finned animals online. From live web cams to a virtual stroll through the zoo grounds and educational games and scavenger hunts there are so many wonderful ways to experience zoos without leaving home.
  6. With thousands of events, tours and festivals cancelled such as Coachella, Splendour in the Grass, Pearl Jam, Madonna, Melbourne Cup, the Olympics and Wimbledon just to name a few, Eventbrite has turned to promoting online events and opportunities to learn, participate and exercise all from your living room!

Looking to take your business online or for an innovative approach to continue trading?

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