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Press Play To Tell Your Story

Press Play to Tell Your Story

Video marketing works to promote your product or service – reach wider and more targeted audiences, increase customer engagement across digital and social media, educate your customers by providing valuable information – and convert more customers to your business.

If a picture tells a thousand words, video marketing provides your business with a library of content to promote your story to new and wider audiences.

For brands, video content is preferred

92% of marketers say video is an important part of their marketing strategy

The importance and role of video marketing continues to grow, with marketers recognising that video delivers a stronger return on marketing investment (ROI). Video, by helping you tell your story allows your customers to better understand how you can help them.

People will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos in 2021

Your customers are now watching more videos than ever before. Video is our 2nd most popular social media channel with over 15 million Australians visiting the YouTube website every month. That said, online video content plays a key role in attracting people to Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Amazon, Twitter and Snapchat. Online video is the fastest growing digital channel by advertising expenditure.

48% of consumers want videos to reflect what they are interested in

As well as being entertaining, videos can form an important part of a consumer’s decision-making process.  To get a customer to convert after watching a video of your product or service it’s important your video is relevant to their needs and interests – their sex, age, married, single, geographic, hobbies, etc.

66% of video advertisements were 30 seconds long at the end of 2019

Whilst it feels that people’s attention spans are getting shorter, this is not the case when it comes to video advertising. A high percentage of video adverts are 30 seconds long, showing that longer ads are effective. The second most popular ad length is 15 seconds, followed by 60 second- and 6-seconds long ads.

Lower quality, authentic video ads are preferred by customers

According to HubSpot research, customers prefer real, authentic, lower quality video ads over high quality, slick videos that are overtly sales focussed. This means you don’t need a huge budget or a video production studio to start video marketing your business story. Especially when you consider that you can now shoot in high-quality HD and 4K video on smartphones.

Popular types of marketing videos:

Brand Videos

Typically created as part of a larger advertising campaign, showcase a company’s high-level vision, mission, or products and services. The goal of brand videos is to build awareness around your company and to intrigue and attract your target audience.

Campaign Videos

To drive lead generation and sales a campaign video allows you to present an offer to attract more customers over a limited period. Your campaign may be themed and also be announcing a special date occasion, opening, anniversary etc.

Event Videos

If your business is hosting a conference, round table discussion, fundraiser, or another type of event, showing the program of activities, presenters and who should attend, works to drive greater attendance at your event.

Expert Interviews

Capturing interviews with internal experts or thought leaders in your industry is a great way to build trust and authority with your target audience. Find the influencers in your industry – whether they share your point-of-view or not – get these discussions in front of your audience.

Educational or How-To Videos

Instructional videos can be used to teach your audience something new of build their understanding of your business and solutions you provide. These videos can be used by your sales or service teams as they work with your customers.

Explainer Videos

This type of video is used to help your audience better understand why they need your product or service. These videos can focus on the pain points being experienced by your target audience and how these can be resolved by your product or service.

Animated Videos

This type of video is used to help your audience better understand why they need your product or service. These videos can focus on the pain points being experienced by your target audience and how these can be resolved by your product or service.

Case Studies and Testimonials Video

Your prospects want to know that your product or service can solve their specific need or problem. Creating videos that feature your satisfied, loyal customers is a great way to show potential customers how you have helped people just like them.

Video marketing is an engaging and powerful media accessible to businesses of every size and budget to reach greater audiences through digital and social channels.

There’s never been a better time to get the cameras rolling!

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